Brewery Beer ABV Tasting Notes
Ambridge Flower Power 4.0% Full flavoured pale ale infused with Elderflower
Ambridge Citra Licious 4.6% An American pale ale using a whole host of popular US hops
Beartown Bearskinful 4.2% Tawny Bitter with malt and fruit, leading to a clean and uncompromising full bitter hop finish
Beartown Kodiak Gold 4.0% Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable. With citrus fruit and hops aroma, leading to a sharp, bitter clean after-taste
Bewdley Sir Keith Park 4.5% Amarillo and First Gold hops give a distinct fruity/spicy balanced flavour, with a zesty aroma
Bewdley Worcestershire Way 3.6% Pale straw colour. First Gold, Celeia & Fuggles hops. A very refreshing session beer with citrus after tones
Blue Monkey BG Sips 4.0% A pale and intensely hoppy beer. These Brewers Gold hops impart enticing tropical fruit aromas and a lovely thirst quenching bitterness.
Blue Monkey Blubarb & Custard 4.8% A complex refreshing summer beer brewed using fresh local rhubarb with the addition of vanilla
Boss Blaze 4.5% Blaze is brimming with citrus, honey and refreshing grapefruit flavourings and produces as enticing floral aroma
Coastal Artemis IPA 6.4% AROMA Hoppy, Earthy, Barrel Aged TASTE Wooden,Citrus,Smooth LOOK Golden
Coastal Hop Monster 3.7% A thirst quenching session bitter excellent flavours are notable in this strikingly hoppy beer.
Crafty Crafty One 4.2% Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops meet Maris Otter and Cara-Pils malts to produce a smooth and complex pale ale
Crafty Five Hop 4.0% Bursting with vibrant, succulent fresh hops
Dark Revolution Luminous 4.2% A new 4.2% session Extra Pale Ale. Hopped to the max with new season Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy
Dark Revolution Sonic 4.9% Built like an IPA but at a strength that makes it ultra crushable, Sonic is the full flavoured, hop forward pale ale
Fallen Grapevine 5.4% Big tropical and citrus fruit flavours and aromas develop into a lasting bitterness that brings you back for more
Fallen Just The Ticket 4.0% Hoppy and pale, brewed with NZ and US hops to make a refreshing light beer
Fat Cat Black Elder Stout 4.6% Our full-bodied Stout Cat forms the perfect base for an infusion of blackcurrant and elderberry flavours
Heritage Massey’s Original Mild 4.0% Classic Mild, originally brewed at the old Burnley Brewery
Hop Shed Frizzle 4.5% Rich golden in colour with a fruity, floral hop aroma and a significant hoppy bitterness from Pilgrim, UK Cascade and First Gold hops
Lincoln Green Archer 4.0% In hops we trust. Packed with US Chinook and Citra™ this American Pale Ale punches above its ABV
Malvern Hills Bertie’s Best 4.0% An amber bitter with new world hops which gives a flowery, spicy, and citrusy taste, with a distinct orange bouquet
Mantle Cwrw Teifi 4.5% Copper coloured bitter, malt driven, full flavoured and well balanced with British and European Hops, leading to a pleasing bitter finish
Penzance Mild 4.6% An English mild ale with malty notes
Pershiore Elder May 3.8% Elderflower blond ale, brewed with Pilsner and Cara Blond in the mash, Cascade hops at all stages
Ramsbury Mango Libation 4.6% Unfined, fruit beer using fresh mangoes and American hops
Severn Brewing Copper Ale 3.8% Classic English Ale. A subtle bitterness balanced with smooth malt notes and fruity hops on the finish
Severn Brewing Doubke hopped Pale Ale 4.2% Hopped with Ahtanum hops and the wonderfully aromatic Simcoe hop, to produce a flavour sensation
Severn Brewing Golden IPA 4.5% Rich and full bodied IPA, using Citra, Cascade & Mosiac hops. A robust,fruity flavoured ale
Severn Brewing Ruby Porter 4.8% Dark and delicious porter with deep roasted malt flavours. Balance with traditional English hops
Uley Hogshead 3.5% A pale coloured, hoppy session bitter with a good hop aroma and a full flavour for its strength, ending in a bitter-sweet aftertaste
Uley Gilt Edge 4.5% light-copper coloured, triple-hopped premium ale with distinctive fruity nose
Uley Pigs Ear 5.0% Deceptively strong Pale Ale that is eminently quaffable. A pale-coloured beer with a light hop balance
Uley Uley 4.0% Copper coloured beer with hops and fruit in the aroma, and a malty, fruity taste underscored by a hoppy bitterness with a hint of fruit
Yeovil Spring Forward 4.5% A full-bodied premium bitter with a fresh aroma & distinctive hop zing
Yeovil Hopkandi 3.8% Golden in colour, brewed using Comet and Godiva whole hops to give a well-balanced fruity citrus flavour with a moreish finish
Brewery Cider ABV Tasting Notes
Cotswold Cider No Brainer – Dry 6.0% Big bittersweet bear hug with monster depth of tannic flavour that satisfies to the core
Gwatkins Squeal Pig – Perry 6.0% Very pale straw in colour with sweet citrus notes in the aroma. A clean-tasting, very refreshing perry
Dunkertons Black Fox – Med-Dry 6.0% An organic, medium-dry cider. A cider that delivers a mellow flavour with a bittersweet bite that creeps up on you
Orchard Pig Dark Cider the Moon – Dark 4.0% Savour the rich, fruity tang of sloeberries blended with Somerset cider apples
Once upon a Tree Crooked Branch – Dry 5.0% A dry deep and golden with a crisp finish
Celtic Marshes Slightly Foxed – Mango 4.0% Herefordshire Cider liberally imparted with exotic mango
Gwynt Doraig Farmhouse Scrumpy – Med 5.5% A nostalgic scrumpy cider. Golden in colour with a medium taste and a refreshing apple aroma






Brewery Location Beer % Notes
Arbor Bristol Oz Bomb 4.7% Heavily hopped golden bitter brewed with a small amount of caramalt and plenty of Australian Galaxy and Vic Secret hops. It has tropical fruit flavours and aromas with a long bitter finish.
Bespoke Gloucestershire Over a Barrel 5.0% A Strong rich forest ale, richly coloured fruity strong ale with generous peppery finish of goldings hops.
Bespoke Gloucestershire Golden Rule 4.0% A light golden session ale with a subtly refreshing and fruity finish provided by the blend of British malts and hops.
Bespoke Gloucestershire Saved by the Bell 3.8% A light refreshing beer with a spicy hop bite and a light floral aroma from the late hop addition.
Bespoke Gloucestershire Going off Half-Cocked 4.6% A flavoursome generously hopped golden pale ale. Spice flavours and bitterness are provided by Challanger and Golding hops, with fresh citrus aromas and finish provided by cascade.
Brass Castle Yorkshire Session 3.6% At 3.6%, a safely drinkable, wonderfully hopped, mini-IPA. Plenty of character for the low ABV, thanks to generous use of Summit, Columbus, Chinook & Cascade hops.
Coastal Cornwall Posiedon Extra 4.5% A pale gold ale packed with citrus hop and fruity flavours, rounded off by a fresh citrus blast. pronounced citra hop aromas throughout. A SIBA regional gold winner.
Cotswold Lion Gloucestershire Hogget 3.8% A slightly untraditional Best Bitter with plenty of fruit, citrus and a hint of spice to accompany the malt. The most recent addition to our flock.
Downton Wiltshire Argento 4.0% Light crimson ale brewed with Argentinian Cascade. Typical cascade citrus fruit flavours are matched by a biscuity malt sweetness.
Fallen Scotland Local Motive 4.0% We’ve taken our session beer, brewed especially for the Cross Keys (Kippen), and turbo-charged it with Mosaic dry-hops. Easy-drinking but loads of flavour.
Great Heck Yorkshire Mercy 4.5% Pale, light and hoppy thirstquencher brewed with Cascade, Mount Hood and Chinook hops and dry hopped with Columbus.
Loch Lomond Scotland Southern Summit 4.0% Light blonde but highly hopped with summit and citra hops.
Market Harborough Leicestershire Premium Brown 5.1% A modern brown ale with chocolate and caramel malt flavours. Hopped with American Galena and Cascade.
Mobberley Brewhouse Cheshire A Beer Called Clive 3.4% Super session breakfast ale.
Mobberley Brewhouse Cheshire Boom Juice 3.6% Deliciously fruity tropical pale with deceptive robustness for a 3.6% abv beer. The fruity Rakau hops combined with Waimea and dry hopped with Cascade create a wonderful summer pale.
North Yorkshire err…..Yorkshire Dizzy Dick 4.8% A smooth, strong dark ale with plenty of hops.
Penzance Cornwall Thirty Summit 4.5% A golden ale designed to fill the gap between Potion No 9 and the stronger brews such as Trink and Mello. Amarillo and Summit hops are used both early and late on in the brew. 4.5% ABV
Pershore Worcestershire Summertime 3.8% A golden ale, gently mashed with pure pale malts and three varieties of hops – goldings, juggles and north down. This is a light and refreshing ale, no matter what time of year you enjoy it.
Prescott Gloucestershire Hill Climb 3.8% A wonderfully fruity and refreshing IPA. Cascade and Bobeck hops are combined with Maris otter pale malt and Torrified wheat to create our awarding winning session ale.
Ramsbury Wiltshire Same Again 3.8% Amber hoppy ale home grown barley with dry hopped wiamea in tank.
Reunion London Incredible IPA 5.0% Pale ale with a malty base, a light body, and a hoppy, resinous nose.
Rudgate Yorkshire Battle Axe 4.2% Well hopped, bittersweet, complex fruit gives a memorable aftertaste.
Saltaire Yorkshire New World Red 5.2% A deep red malty ale with firm bitterness and citrus notes from blended Australian, American and New Zealand hops.
Slightly Foxed Yorkshire 21st Century Fox 4.3% A modern, dry hopped citrusy 4.8% pale blonde.
Stardust Berkshire Easy Pale 4.0% Take a break, sit down, put your feet up. Need an easy going pale ale to quench your thirst? That’s exactly what this subtle blend of American hops and pale malt body is all about. The only problem is you might want another one!
Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire Mosaic 4.2% Very hoppy with big grapefruit hits
Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire Malty Pig 4.4% A full bodied dark golden bitter with hints of caramel. Generously hopped to bring out a variety of balanced hoppy flavours.
Totally Brewed Nottingham Slap in the Face 4.0% Hoppy blonde ale. Generously hopped with summit and chinook. Refreshing grapefruit and tangerine flavours.
Uley Gloucestershire  Gilt Edge  4.5%  Light copper triple hopped premium ale
Uley Gloucestershire  Old Spot  5.0%  Full bodied ruby ale with fruity aroma and light hoppy bitterness
Uley Gloucestershire  Pigs Ear  5.0%  Deceptively strong IPA that is eminently quaffable
Uley Gloucestershire  Uley Bitter  4.0%  Copper coloured bitter with hops and fruit in the aroma, dry finish
Wicked Hathern  Leicestershire Heathcote’s Pale IPA 4.5% Awaiting tasting notes.



Brewery Location Cider
Circle Wiltshire Butchers Boys (5.5% Sweet)
Cotswold Oxfordshire Muscle Mary (4.0% Raspberry)
Once Upon a Tree Herefordshire Crooked Branch (5.0% Dry)
Once Upon a Tree Herefordshire Tumpy Ground (7.0% Medium)
Orchard Pig Somerset Navel Gazer (6.0% Dry)
Snailsbank Herefordshire Very Perry (5.1% Perry)
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Glamorgan Two Trees Perry



Waters Edge Australian Pinot Grigio –  Lovely off dry style, with flavours of peach and tropical fruits. Bright fresh nose and clean finish.

Waters Edge Australian Shiraz – A soft, rounded, easy drinking red with well balanced fruit flavours and a light spicy finish.

Waters Edge Californian White Zinfandel – An off-dry to sweet, pink-coloured blush wine.

Prosecco Terra Serena Treviso – A bright straw coloured wine with a greenish tint that has a fresh and pleasant taste with an intense, pleasant, fruity flavour





Brewery Location Beer (%) Description
Bingham’s Berkshire Extra Pale Ale 4.5 Single hop pale ale
Cotswold Spring Tortworth OSM 3.9 Award-winning delicious dark mild
Cotswold Spring Tortworth Dandy 5.0 Crisp and refreshing- the beer equivalent of a Mojito!
Dancing Duck Nottingham Waddle It Be? 4.5 New World hopped pale ale
Downton Wiltshire German Pale Ale 4.2 Golden coloured best bitter
Hillside Gloucestershire Experimental Hop 4.5 Pale ale brewed with brand-new English hops
Hillside Gloucestershire Legend of Hillside 4.7 Traditional English IPA with a honey flavour
Hop Studio Yorkshire Elder 4.8 Straw coloured hazy elderflower saison. (Unfined)
Little Valley Yorkshire Withen’s Pale Ale 3.9 Pale with hints of spice, orange and citrus
Magpie Nottingham Magpie Best 4.2 Glowing copper, nutty & crisp
Magpie Nottingham Thieving Rogue 4.5 Straw yellow with hints of fruit
Moncada That London Notting Hill Amber 4.7 Full-bodied creamy amber ale – very drinkable
Oakham Ales Rutland Bishop’s Farewell 4.6 Golden ale brewed with Challenger & Cascade hops
Pin up East Sussex Honey Brown 4.0 Smooth rich best bitter brewed with local honey
Portobello That London Westway Pale 4.0 Deliciously drinkable pale ale
Ramsbury Wiltshire Gold 4.5 Distinctly light hoppy aroma and taste.
Ramsbury Wiltshire Sunsplash 4.0 Citrus flavours, fruity on the nose with a bitter finish
Ramsbury Wiltshire Belapur 5.5 A well hopped IPA with a fruity citrus finish
Revolutions Yorkshire A New England 4.5 Fruity sweetness with just a slight spicy hint
Saltaire Yorkshire Cascade Pale 4.8 American style pale ale with Cascade and Centennial hops
Saltaire Yorkshire  Saltaire Blonde 4.0 A straw coloured light ale with soft malt flavours
Severn Vale Tortworth Dursley Steam 4.2 Refreshing golden ale with a distinctive floral hop finish
Severn Vale Tortworth TSB 6.3 Extra strong bitter with robust hops flavours coming through
Siren Craft Berkshire Proteus 4.1 Golden ale with Mosaic, Cascade and Chinook hops
Stonehenge Wiltshire Danish Dynamite 5.0 A light golden, dry, strong ale, slightly fruity
Stonehenge Wiltshire Great Bustard 4.8 Deliciously fruity and malty with a lingering bitter finish
Stroud Gloucestershire Budding 4.5 Grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma
Stroud Gloucestershire Organic Pale Ale 4.0 Easy drinking refreshing golden ale with delicate apple aroma
Stroud Gloucestershire The Last Duel 3.8 Bitter-sweet golden ale with a pleasing balance
Stroud Gloucestershire Organic Lemon 3.8 A tart and refreshing light lemon ale
Teignworthy Devon Googly Ale 4.6 Smooth creamy ale with Golding hops and light malt
Totally Brewed Nottingham Vic Secret 4.5 American IPA with flavours of orange and mango
Totally Brewed Nottingham Punch in the Face 4.8 Amber ale, fruity flavour. Full of American hops that pack a wallop!
Totally Brewed Nottingham 4 Hopmen 5.2 Orange & pine aromas with a deep hoppy flavour and full bitter finish.
Uley Uley Gilt Edge 4.5 Light copper triple-hopped premium ale
Uley Uley Old Spot 5.0 Full-bodied ruby ale with fruity aroma and light hoppy bitterness
Uley Uley Pigs Ear 5.0 Deceptively strong IPA   that is eminently quaffable
Uley Uley Uley Bitter 4.0 Copper coloured bitter with hops and fruit in the aroma, dry finish
Untapped Monmouthshire Sundown 4.0 Gorgeous golden pale ale
Untapped Monmouthshire Whoosh 4.2 Hoppy pale summer ale
West Berkshire Berkshire Screaming Eagle 4.6 Light gold in colour with pronounced bitterness and a clean dry finish



Waters Edge Australian Pinot Grigio –  Lovely off dry style, with flavours of peach and tropical fruits. Bright fresh nose and clean finish.

Waters Edge Australian Chardonnay – A classic Australian dry white wine with vibrant aromas and flavours of apples, pears and tropical fruits.

Waters Edge Australian Shiraz – A soft, rounded easy drinking red with well balanced fruit flavours and a light spicy finish.

Waters Edge Californian White Zinfandel – An off-dry to sweet, pink-coloured blush wine.

Prosecco Terra Serena Treviso – A bright straw coloured wine with a greenish tint that has a fresh and pleasant taste with an intense, with pleasant fruity flavour.




Sheppys Taunton Cider with Raspberry 4 Light Somerset cider & raspberry juice – edium sweet with a refreshing fruitiness
Sheppys Taunton Orchard Dew Cloudy Cider 6 Fine naturally cloudy cider with medium sweetness and a crisp refreshing taste
Abrahalls Hereford Lily the Pink 4.5 Medium fruity cider – gorgeous pink colour – intense fruity aroma – very drinkable
Scrumpy Wasp Notts Amnesia 7.2 A connoisseur’s medium dry cider
Abrahalls Hereford Cracklin’ Rosie Perry 4.5 Smooth, medium delicate Perry
Snails Bank Hereford Very Perry 5 Still medium cider with a complex yet balanced flavour
Lilleys Frome Bee Sting Still Perry 7.5 Glorious fresh tasting, sweet but light and crisp perry



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